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Enter a world of magic

Welcome to the Dragon Realms

Within the Dragon Realms, mint and collect thousands of dragons with their own attributes and types. Mint your very own dragon right now before it is too late, and take your chance to earn valuable and legendary drakes!

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The time has finally come

The inhabitants of the Dragon Realms are here! On the 5th of February they will celebrate the "Ephnea", which will conclude by the return of the bridge between their Metaverse and the Human world.

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+ 10, 000 crazy dragons

Unfortunately, the portal that will connect the Dragon Realms to the Human world is not powerful enough to stay open for too long. The number of drakes that could manage to cross both worlds is estimated around 10,000.

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+ 7 Magical elements

In the Dragon Realms lives magic.

Every minted drake will belong to one of the 7 different magical elements that can be found in the realms.

+Unique stats and attributes

Each drake has it's very own stats and custom attributes, which makes it absolutely unique!

Meet the Dragon Realms inhabitants

Learn about every type of drake you will find crossing the realms

Elder Pillar

Elder Pillar

Litterally the pillars of the Realms. This ancient race of drake probably created the whole Realms as they are currently known. While they are old, they are still really powerful but are very rarely seen as they need to rest a lot.

Birth year: Elder Age - year 0Estimated population: 100
The Land Keepers

The Land Keepers

A race of warriors which defends the Dragon Realms against any threat and at any cost.

Birth year: Elder Age - year 300Estimated population: 900
People of Skyrama

People of Skyrama

A race of drake very close to the nature, that helps keeping the realms luxurious and lively. They live deep inside the Realms, being therefore sort of rare.

Birth year: Elder Age - year 300Estimated population: 1500
The Sky Hikers

The Sky Hikers

The Sky Hikers are drakes that spend most of their time flying around and playing with their friends, exploring the Realms all-day.

Birth year: Elder Age - year 850Estimated population: 2500
The Apprentices

The Apprentices

Drakes that, unlike the Hikers, decided to spend their life training to become Land Keepers, which is a particularily difficult road to take.

Birth year: Elder Age - year 850Estimated population: 5000
The Corrupted

The Corrupted

These drakes are not normal. Nobody knows where they can be found, why they are what they are, and even what they really are. If you find one, you'd better tell a Land Keeper about that.

Birth year: Elder Age - year ???Estimated population: ???

Unique magical powers

Each drake belongs to one of the seven magical elements

magic power: Dark Fire
magic power: Water
magic power: Pure Fire
magic power: Dark
magic power: Blade Spirit
magic power: Earth Power
magic power: Death Strike

Unique stats and attributes

Each drake has a unique combination of traits making it very special

landing drake 2


Stay tuned for updates!


December 12th

Starting the project with the creation of the first design batch


January 3rd

Launching the website and private preview for the project backers


January 16th

Release of two additional magical elements

In progress

January 25th

Audit of our smart contract and finalization of our infrastructure

Coming Soon

February 5th

The portal that links the human world and the Dragon Realms will be opened, releasing 10,000 new NFTs


Rewards for our fellow minters

4, 000 NFTs sold

Launch of Dragon Realms official merchandising

7, 000 NFTs sold

Start development of an on-chain RPG game that takes place in the Dragon Realms.

10, 000 NFTs sold

Dragon Realms, second season official launch!

Dragon Realms

Explore the Dragon Realms by collecting drakes that live on the Polygon blockchain, every one of them being given unique caracteristics and appearance.


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